This is the result of all the years I have been in music with many others here in Germany.From Radio Announcing to Record Selling.The first song I ever wrote called “Start The Party!” sold over 500,000 records in Germany,Switzerland, and Austria.I have been in other peoples music studios producing and writing songs for well over 30 years now.And one day I came to the realization that if it doesn’t work well with other people’s ideas, then make those ideas all on your own.The talent on my part was certainly there.But I started to see people get greedy and fight over who owned me the most.In the end I felt like I didn’t even own myself.The Real McCoy is English for authentic and original.(The most expensive diamond in the world.)I am authentic!Iam original!And I am a Real McCoy.Doesn’t the name fit great for a record label?I certainly think so.Nobody does it better than Real McCoy Records!So you stick around.But remember I’m the boss.And I give all the orders!Andre Dwayne McCoy aka Famous Dwayne!(Shake Ya Booty).

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