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Hello! My name is Andre D.(Get On The Floor!) Born on the !st of November in Beaumont, Texas.I call myself the great accomplisher. In many aspects, I am a people person. Regardless of creed or color. I seem to have a good connection to people. At a very young age I was respected for my ability to create and fine-tune peoples ideas. Don't get me wrong! You are only as smart as the the person who teaches you. (No matter how big or small). But to some people these are only words. To me it's a life long search. I grew up learning things on my own. Never hung around with boy's my age, mostly with older men and women. They never ask too many undesirable things of you. And with that philosophy it paved my way in life. At the age of 14, I was one of the best Tennis players in the state of Texas. ( Keep in mind, that the state of Texas is 2 times the size of Germany)." A swarm of competition!" "It seperates the men from the boys!" And it's very easy to lose your way in America. And the same goes for Germany. Everywhere you go, it's full of good and bad. Bad influence is among us all daily. And money is the root of all that is evil. And all of that has to do with other people. We just have to find our way around that. It makes life challenging. It all depends on where your head is at. At the age of 18 I got my first job at a Mexican restaurant. And worked expediting food and keeping the place sanitary and in good working order. My boss trusted me for listening well and soon I received several pay raises. My first job was very rewarding. It pushed me to do other things well. At the age of 20, I decided to change jobs and started working in another restaurant. "Po Folks!"(Poor Country People). I started off there cleaning tables and making tips on the side for being the fastest table cleaner. At the end of the day, I made over 50 dollars in tips. "I felt like the Andre' Agassi of table cleaning." The king of the junk business. About 6 months after that I was moved to the kitchen where I soon started washing dishes. My boss said that the old dishwasher just wasn't fast enough. And said he really needed my expediance in making thing not so chaotic. "My tip days were over!" My grandmother always told me,"If there's some learning in it,`Then Do It!" I started washing dishes with pride. 3 months later they moved me back into the restaurant where I acquired a promotion as Waiter. "Boy,did I make great tips there." At the age of 21 I enrolled into the military where I went through basic training in Ft. Jackson,South Carolina. This was the hardest training I had ever received in my life, or so I thought. It was only 8 weeks but it seemed like 8 years. Shortly after that I was sent to Initial Intelligence Training in Ft. Gordon, Georgia. There I learned my job, 31 Kilo. It dealt with installing telephones and running telephone cable for up to 5 mile distances. Encryption and decryption of messages sent over secured networks. Tactical operations and repairing of broken telephone cables. A very complicated job, because everyone wanted to have their own private telephone. We were slaves out there. But it made you tough! 3 months later I signed up for Airborn School, and the military sent me to Ft. Benning, Georgia. This is one of the toughest training schools that the American military has to offer on earth. They turn boys into real men. It's a Super Soldier Training Camp. "No Shit!" It changed my life. I gained 20 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks. I felt like it took 4 years! After I survived that training I took 2 weeks vacation to clear my mind and gather my thoughts. After that I was flown directly to Göppingen, West Germany where I would be stationed for the next 3 and a half years. 1st Infantry Division Forward: The Spearhead Of All American Wars. A very hard working Unit (The Big Red One)! In January of 1991, I was clearing to get out of the military when I received a letter from higher rank stating that I had been involuntarily extended. We had the best telephone team in the whole Germany and the military needed us to participate in Operation Dessert Storm. I was shocked! And what I saw in that war, would change my life forever. (I don't want to get into detail about that. Please understand). In 1993 I applied for a job at a local Radio Station where they accepted and took as their own. I was Radio Announcer for 4 years at Filstalwelle 105.4 in Göppingen.(The American Express Man) I became famous in that town and am still famous there to this day. I turned the Filstalwelle from an Oldies Radio Station into a Multi-Culti Magnet that attracted all genders and generations of people. They got completely modernized! It was a thrill working there. I made interviews and met many Stars from many different places. Many beautiful women took a liking to me, and you know what," I Didn't Mind At All!" It bettered my German among other things. They just wanted to be near, "A Cool Black Man!" (And that's what they got.) All good things had to come to an end, because Filstalwelle's bosses could not come to an agreement about future investments and split the money and fired all of us. Over 35 people working there lost their jobs. Soon Hit Radio Antenne1 out of Esslingen, near Stuttgart took the heavy load and changed Filstalwelle into Antenne Filstal. It was like working for the KGB. No more freedom of speech, no more fun, no more great ideas that made the Radio Station's heart beat. Everything politically written down for you. No questions asked, all questions asked and answered for you. Eventually everyone left Filstalwelle including me. And shortly after Filstalwelle went rock bottom. The LFK denied an extention on Antenne's license. In 1999 I left Germany and headed back to Texas to better my education. So I enrolled in a College of Business and Technology. After 2 years, I acquired an Associate of Bachelor's Degree at MTI in Houston, Texas. A good friend I had known for years was working for Hewlett Packard in Köln and said I had good chances of getting a job there.With my new Diploma I came back to Germany in 2002. I think for reasons pertaining to 11th Sept., 3 weeks later HP fired 5000 workers which scratched my chances of getting a job there. "What A Bummer!" It seems to me like the whole world is falling apart all around us. Now it is 2005 and It seems to me like the whole world is falling apart all around us. I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain of so many people who suffer on a daily basis. Maybe we can make hits together. "What Do You Think?" "Maaaaaaybeeeeeeeeee!" PS:Please send all feedback and comments to my E-Mail address please! Thank you for your time and patience! Love, Andre D. McCoy

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